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About SPEEDTECH : Who we are....

A Brief About Us: History

Speedtech Pumps Motor Plant Speedtech Pump has been at the forefront and been the pace setters in the submersible pump and agricultural pump Industry since its inception. Speedtech Pump has a wide network of dealers across entire India and Asia to making it possible for customers to be able to make use of our products and services in every part. The goal is to make us as approachable as possible and to respond to customers as quickly as possible. In pursuit of these goals, we have installed flexible manufacturing systems and a wide variety of configurations and design platforms that can be shared by a family of products. We have widened our platform base to meet our customers' needs, manufacturing host of product variants. The product range has evolved from the goal that the farmer, no matter which part of the country he is in, has a suitable water pumping system available from Speedtech Pump to being not only the leaders in the agricultural sector, but also catering to the Domestic, Industrial and International Markets.

A Brief About Manufacturing: Facitlities and Infrastructure

Speedtech Pumps Manufacturing FacilitySpeedtech Pump Products are manufactured using state-of-the art technology. Precision is built into every process and the products pass through stringent quality control procedures. The products are designed for easy installation, low running costs, improved efficiency and minimal maintenance. Rigorous testing of products at every stage of manufacture ensures high efficiency and enhanced life. Speedtech Pump use the most advanced foundry technology to assure high quality of castings at a competitive price. We offer value added services like CAD/CAM for design, pattern making, machining, heat treatment, and painting of castings. We can offer material test certificates for chemical and physical analysis of metal, and microstructure evaluation of castings.

Our Approach towards Quality

Speedtech Pumps Quality Logo Foundry division has applied and established a quality system as per ISO 9001:2008. It has given a further boost to our improvement trends. At Speedtech pumps we believe in approach that brings about the quality produces and the services that we held in high esteem. We always carry high level of precision consciousness so that we always remain accurate and up to the global standards. Our quality strategy is to remain aware of the client's expectations of high quality produces from us.

Our Mission

  • Speedtech Pump proposes to establish product outlets in 80% of potential markets in the country in all its product range and will expand / penetrate into export markets for achieving growth.
  • Speedtech Pump will set up world class manufacturing facilities in all its product range and will offer quality products and services at competitive prices.
  • Speedtech Pump will provide value added engineering solutions for its industrial automation products & will also diversify into manufacturing of electronic products used in industrial application.
  • Speedtech Pump will develop innovative and efficient business processes.
  • Speedtech Pump will implement excellent health & safety standards and welfare activities and will offer growth opportunities by developing people competencies.